Estate Sales &
DOWNsizing Sales

What is an Estate Sale?

 Estate sales are necessary for a variety of reasons, including downsizing to travel or simply declutter. We recognize the individuality of each estate sale and strive to ensure all our clients’ needs and wants are met. An estate liquidation or on-site tag sale is designed to quickly eliminate a large sum of items/property over a period of two to three days. This differs from your typical sale at a residence as it encompasses the entirety of an estate or home. After all desired items are identified,  we will prepare the estate items for sale. After organizing, displaying, photography and pricing is completed, we perform very robust and successful online and offline advertising campaign of the estate sale. We handles all the aspects of the sale - before, during, and after - therefore, the executor, trustee, conservator, or owner need not be present. When the sale is over, settlement will be scheduled within 5 days of completion.

Estate Sale Process

What You Should Do First!

Better yet, what you shouldn't do first is throw away or donate anything. The more the better, when it comes to estate sales. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" has never rang truer than in estate sales. The first thing you should do is remove personal effects (pictures, paperwork, medication, etc.), open hygiene products, used cosmetics, undergarments and socks. Unless the stated items are new or collectable. Next, identify remove or separate the items of sentimental value that will be excluded from the sale. That's it. We will handle the rest.


We schedule a date to meet at the sale location to take a tour, listen to your needs and go over items you desire to keep and sell. We discuss if and how we are able to meet your needs. Go over our contract, answer any questions and discuss potential dates.


The goal of our team is to stage your home as a store showroom. This provides the best shopping experience for our shoppers and in return dramatically increasing sales potential for your items. Staging and pricing usually takes anywhere from one to five days. Largely depending on the size and condition of the estate.


Each item will be marked with a price tag with the exception of small items, i.e. service utensils, linens, clothing, books, etc. We research, evaluate, and price each of your items in accordance with today’s fair market value. 


We will take extensive photos for proper advertising of the sale.


We extensively market the sale using the internet such as, our social media, and our own email chain. We also promote your sale in our store fronts. Through our multi-layer approach to advertising, we look forward to both a well-attended and lucrative sale!


On the day of the sale, professional signs will be strategically placed around your neighborhood to ensure maximum attendance, if the city or community covenants allow.


All events will have a cashier and as many sales associates as needed.


Once the Estate Sale Event has ended we provide an accounting detail of the gross amount realized, the total fees incurred, and the total net proceeds.

Empty Out

Base on your needs we offer different options for the conclusion of the sale to empty out the remaining items.