An Estate Sale happens when a company like Anna Estate Sales is hired to help liquidate (sell) the belongings of a person, family, or estate. An estate sale takes place when a family or estate has a large volume of items that need to be sold out of a house, generally due to a move, significant downsize, bankruptcies, divorces, or someone passing away. It is a professional, thorough, delicate, and carefully coordinated process to maximize the value of the assets that will be sold. Estate Sales are open to the public and typically held on weekends .  We will go into the house, organize, stage, transform the space into a boutique, price everything that can be sold, and advertise the sale. We then open the doors and invite the public to shop inside the house over 2 or 3 days.
Never. Consultations are always 100% free and no-obligation.
Generally it takes about a week to prepare for a sale, however, each situation is different and could possibly take more/less time.
For many reasons, no.
Shoppers tend to feel uneasy and leave the sales where owners are present, as haggling over the price of an item cherished by a recently passed loved one can make all parties uncomfortable.
It can be difficult for owners, who oftentimes have sentimental feelings for the contents of the home, to watch shoppers casually dismissing these items, or even making remarks about the design or decor of the home.
Let us take care of the sale for you, so that you can relax and focus on other priorities. 
Great question. We market your estate sale in a variety of ways to ensure a great turnout on the weekend of the sale. While staging and pricing the contents we will be taking photographs of most items. We post these photos to our own website and social channels, plus several third-party estate sale sites, as well as lisitng certain items on facebook marketplace and similar channels. We also keep in touch with our loyal shoppers, as we know which items are likely to pique their interests. We will place signage throughout the neighborhood directing traffic to the sale. 
Just call and set an appointment for your initial consultation. If you decide to work with the Anna Estate Sales, the next step will be to select a date for your sale. Remove/segregate any items ‘Not for Sale’ and then hand over the keys, sit back and relax. We do the rest!
We are an experienced estate sale company so some pricing is learned through experience. We keep an eye on current trends and market values for common items. Anything that we are unsure of, we check similar sold items online to be sure of the current market value. We are always learning and growing.
We offer an optional cleanout service at a minimal fee. If you choose to use this service your property will be completely empty or you can  decide to handle the cleanout yourself .
Yes , Anna Estate Sales is bonded and insured .